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Apollo | Apollo Music Now

 Apollo was born March 2nd 1987 at Independence hospital in Kansas City, MO. He and his brother were raised by his mother and Grandmother until the age of 6. When he was 6 years old life took a sudden wrong turn for him when his whole family including his mother, oldest brother, grandmother, and step-grandfather were indicted by the Federal government on conspiracy charges. From age 6 to 15 he lived with family members who took care of him and his brother. Moving almost every year from Springfield, MO to Oklahoma City, OK to San Antonio, TX.

Since a child he has always known that he wanted to be a performer. Initially he wanted to be a singer and looked up to Usher and Michael Jackson very highly, imitating their dance moves and learning how to give a crowd the performance of a lifetime from a early age. He would sometimes sit in his room and write poems while other kids went out to play.  As he got older he started to take more interest in rap music. In 2002, when he was 15, his mother was released from prison and he went back to Missouri to live with her. 

When he learned that he could record his own music with just a computer, he begged his mom to get him one so he could get started. Being the mother she is, she did everything she could to get him one, and she did. Immediately he went to work recording music and learning studio engineering. He released his first mixtape and took them to school and sold them for $5, everybody wanted one!

Since then he has released multiple mixtapes and albums and has developed a network of fans spanning from Missouri to Texas. He performs regularly at venues wherever possible and does whatever it takes to get the word out about his music. Unlike most artists, he is not looking for a hand out from the major records labels. He wants to create a fan base of his own that truly supports him and builds him up to major artist status.  His movement is being built on unstoppable will power, and a true love and passion for the music.

In 2013 Apollo dropped everything and moved to Atlanta, GA so he can pursue his music career full time, where he lives now.